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The evolution of technology and the rate of technological advancement are of growing concern to public safety agencies and the communities they serve. The number and variety of technology options for today's public safety problems can make it extremely difficult to determine an appropriate and affordable solution. Understaffed and under funded agencies can be overwhelmed in situations requiring them to acquire technology about which they have no expertise or knowledge. Even in situations where an agency understands what it needs, technology-based systems are increasingly complex and expensive to procure, implement, operate and maintain and there are a host of technical, fiscal, and administrative issues that converge to make even a simple project a daunting challenge. PSSG provides technical consulting services in both operational and administrative areas of public safety organizations. Typical areas covered in our evaluations and studies include, but are not limited to the following:

• Wireless Communications Networks and Interoperability

• Dispatch and Communication Centers

• Technology Procurement for Public Safety

• Computer Networks and IT Management

• Cyber-Crime and Cyber-Terrorism

• Technology and Community Fears

• Emerging Technologies and Government

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