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Organizational Development

PSSG specializes in the study and evaluation of strategies to improve organizational performance through a variety of measures designed to increase accountability and the delivery of professional services. Organizational development applies the theories and concepts of social and behavioral sciences to organizational change. It encompasses a wide array of strategies and techniques to improve organizational performance with employee development to comply with goals and objectives. Typical areas covered by PSSG in our evaluations and studies include, but are not limited to the following:

• Organizational Climate Assessments

• Strategic Planning

• Policies and Procedures

• Accreditation

• Management Studies, Research and Evaluations

• Program Evaluations

• Job Task Analysis

• Contemporary Job Descriptions

• Job Designs

• Performance Analysis and Measurement

• Needs Assessments

• Quality Management

• Development of the Training Function

• Managing Organizational Change

• Implementing New Strategies and Initiatives

• Psychological Testing and Evaluations

• Cultural Diversity Management

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